We are a small + powerfully mindful mural team who create public art projects that reflect joy & possibility & honor the diverse humanity of our audiences.

We are inspired by: found objects & photographs, the healing properties & visual splendor of plants, and— audacious displays of growth & resilience found in nature and the condition of being human.

We value the centering of individuals who preserve and practice cultural wisdom.

Rooted in a sense of play, we want to bring color & vibrant energy through our work.

Meet Woli:

In her personal work, Julia Woli Scott creates atmospheric and delicately layered paintings of the natural world that shift and quietly loosen to reveal their materiality.

She explores paths to healing generational and personal trauma through gestural depictions of human, plant, and animal forms that inhabit dream-like abstracted landscapes & traverse metaphoric terrain.

Woli has been painting murals for a couple decades and since she began to work with Quinn, has found that a real partner makes incredible creative feats possible. She’s afraid of heights and really likes animals.

You can find her work here:

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Meet Quinn:

Quinn Bowman works in graphic and illustrative modes of abstraction and layered textural information expressed through bold color, shape and intricate washes in his works on canvas or in the amalgamation of symbol and personal vocabulary in his works on paper.

Though subtly indirect, his works ultimately consider methods of honest communication and finding connection in community.

You can find his work here:

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Woli & Quinn
Putting Paint to Plaster since 2017 ☾✶