Medium: Acrylic Enamel
Size: 1500 sq. ft.
Completed: Dec. 2021
1828 Broadway St,
Fresno, CA 93721

The Field of Abundant Possibility

Nestled in the center of a vibrant field of plant life is a figure; in one hand she holds a potted aloe plant, the other hand rests on her pregnant belly. She stands calmly in the present between two orbs of gradient color - signifying past & future.

The Fresno Housing Authority selected our proposal to create a large-scale mural on the East wall of The Villages at Broadway - a new housing complex for people in our community transitioning from homelessness. This mural represents encouragement, growth and protection. We worked in collaboration with our model, artist & botanista Adrianna Alejo Sorondo, to select traditional plants that promote emotional, physical and psychological healing. The vibrant color and intricate floral elements are meant to welcome residents and neighbors each time they see it.

Finished Preliminary Design

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